Building on player feedback, we've adjusted some game elements to make The Last Bottle of Rum an even smoother and more exciting experience! Here's a changelog to detail the changes:
Faster Gameplay:
  • Players now draw a new card whenever they discard, keeping the action flowing.
  • Exchanging unused actions for a desired action now only requires 2 (previously 3).
  • Start the game with 4 Map and Treasure cards (previously 3).
  • Each player starts with a random Bounty card.
  • Torn sail: You lose 1 sail action each turn (previously: your movement is limited to 1 tile).
  • Captain Clarification: Short descriptions for Narwhal and Macaw captains explain their abilities.
  • Krabby Jones Power: Krabby Jones can now freely reposition his Carapace tokens for ship defense, even if they were previously removed.
  • Some Bounty Cards have been adjusted for easier use and comprehension.
  • The Voodoo Doll now spreads its curse to all opponents, increasing its impact.
  • Added "draw a new card" on several cards (Kraken, Ocean Pearl, Plank).
Balance tweaks:
  • Successful attacks with 2 skulls now deal 1 damage (previously of 2), making them slightly less punishing. But the Plunder Continues! After a successful attack, discard the top 2 cards:
    • 1 skull: Gain 1 Booty point.
    • 2 skulls: Steal a treasure of your choice!
  • The Kraken's wrath adjusts, less Booty loss! Players only lose 1 Booty point when attacked by the Kraken, draw 1 damage token and place their marker on the space 0 of the Curse track (preventing immediate re-attacks).
But also:
  • Minor graphic adjustments for better readability.
  • Adding 15 small tokens to track used and available actions on played cards.
  • New Solo Challenge: Play as Archie, freeing the other captains before the Kraken strikes!