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Journey into the depths of an almost-eternal forge

Forgeflame is a deckbuilding and pick-up-and-forge game for 1 to 5 players. Lead a team of asymmetric adventurers deep into the mines, collect ores and craft legendary artifacts in a thrilling race to victory!

Dragon sweets for the King!

As the proud owner of a bustling tavern, your mission is to impress the King with delectable dishes! Gather magical ingredients like magic mushrooms, magma spices or even... dragon meat. Will you be able to cook your way to victory?

A mix of food, fun and fiery strategy

With its simple rules and intuitive gameplay, anyone can join in the fun. But don't be fooled, beneath the surface lies a world of deep strategy. Explore mysterious locations, recruit legendary heroes, and cleverly manage your resources to create powerful combos and claim victory.