Frequently Asked Questions

Seek answers to your burning questions about curses, cannonfire, and hidden treasures in the FAQ below.
1Can I use the effect of a card more than once?
No, you can only activate the effect of an Action card once (even if you have plenty of doubloons). However, you can play multiple cards with different effects (even if they are identical) during your turn to create powerful combos.
2Can I combine Bounty cards and complete more than one at a time?
Yes, you can collect multiple Bounty cards and complete more than one in a single round if you're fortunate. For example, by dealing 3 damage and playing 4 cards in a single turn, you could fulfill both the "No Mercy" and "Four of Aces" cards, earning 2 Loot Points.
3I just drew a Kraken card, so I will only have 3 cards this round?
No. Once the Kraken attack is resolved, you can draw a new Action card and continue playing your turn as normal. The Kraken card doesn't count as one of the 2 Action cards you play during your turn.
4I have suffered a Torn Sail damage during my turn, can I still move?
Cards or damage that restrict your movement by one tile take effect immediately when acquired. If you've suffered "Torn Sail" damage during your turn, you can still move one more tile.
5Blimey! I already have 5 damages on my ship, and now I am being targeted by another player...
Fear not, sailor! You can't accumulate more than 5 damages on your ship. Disregard the attack or the card targeting you and focus on repairing your ship before it sinks!
6What happens if a Kraken card is drawn when no player has Curse?
If all players are at "0" on the Curse tracker, the Kraken won't bother to attack. No player is affected by the Kraken... for now!
7What should we do if a Kraken card is drawn during the Ghost turn?
Once the Kraken attack is resolved, draw a new Action card and continue the Ghost's turn as normal (with 2 Action cards).
8If a Treasure appears on my tile, can I pick it up?
Yes, but only at the beginning of your turn. It's up to your opponents to do everything they can to reach it before you do!
9If I have multiple Navigate actions, do I have to reveal all the tiles on my path?
Yes, you must reveal every tile you navigate through.
10What happens if I have 5 curses but roll a 0 when attacked by the Kraken?
In this case, you remain with 5 curses and do not move on the tracker. You do not need to roll the dice again in the next round. However, you cannot use any more curse-related effects (as you are already at the maximum). If a Kraken card is drawn, you are guaranteed to be attacked. Life is hanging by a thread for you.
11Do I have to be adjacent to my opponent to use the effects of cards like the Bomb or the Trident?
No, you can use the effects of these cards on any opponent, regardless of the distance between your boats. Unlike a standard attack (with actions), your opponent does not need to be within range.
If you have other questions, reach out to us. We'll be happy to help you navigate the seas of uncertainty and complete this FAQ!