Frequently Asked Questions

Seek answers to your burning questions about magma spices, dragon and mystical locations in the FAQ below.
1 Can you stop your minion's move at the City gates?
Minions must move their full movement; no shortcuts, adventurers!
2Does that gold coin from the mine count as an ingredient?
Gold goes straight to your pantry, but collecting it in the Mine counts as a action for your minion; no double-dipping.
3How do you get the re-roll token at the Elder Maple region?
Your minion collects the reroll rune once they passes (moves onto) or stops on the Elder Maple region. The rune goes directly to your pantry.
4Can you use reroll tokens and hero powers with Quest cards?
Absolutely. It's all about stacking the odds in your favor!
5Do the armored minion take damage from dragon awakening and special attacks?
Yes. Your minion is only protected against wounds rolled by the hunting dice, not against other ways of receiving wounds, such as a dragon's special "flame" attack.
6What happens when a minion suffers 2 or more damage?
A minion with full injuries has to return to the City's gates to heal, and can't carry any ingredients. Additional wounds beyond this are ignored.
7Can you activate multiple Heroes in the same turn?
Absolutely! Feel free to use the abilities of multiple heroes for some epic combos!
8How do you use the Pathfinder Hero?
The Pathfinder Hero is like a free pass to a location without paying Gems. Your minion has to be in an adjacent region, and remember, your minion still counts it as a visit, so no double-dipping on the same spot in one turn! The Pathfinder doesn't leave Gems on the visited location, so it can still be visited twice afterward in the same round.
9Can the Owl Trainer, who lets you send an ingredient from the minion's region straight to the pantry, be used in addition to regular action?
Absolutely! Hero abilities and minion actions are like peanut butter and jelly - they go great together! 🦉
10When the Summoner duplicates an ingredient of a minion, where does the new ingredient go?
Place a second token identical to an ingredient carried by your minion on your tavern board (not in your pantry)
If you have other questions, reach out to us. We'll be your trusty guides as you triumph over this FAQ quest with flair!