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Arrrr! There’s only one bottle of rum left in the whole archipelago!

The Last Bottle of Rum is a treasure hunt board game for 2 to 5 pirates. Raise your anchor, explore uncharted waters, escape the Kraken’s tentacles… and be the first to trade your treasures for this last bottle!

It's time to go on a booty hunt!

Play with one of the unique characters, each having their own game-changing abilities that can turn the tide of the game when least expected. Choose Von Croakington and enjoy the chance to reroll a crucial dice, or Krabby Jones to withstand damage on your ship. Be the first Captain with 10 Booty points and claim the last bottle of rum!

Set sail across the islands

Unleash powerful card combos, engage in cannon battles with rival capitains and discover hidden treasures such as golden chests and mythical dodo eggs. But beware the curse of the mighty Kraken lurking in the depths! Get ready for an adventure filled with exploration, excitement and strategy!