Taverns & Dragons – Kickstarter Edition

Dive into an epic adventure filled with magic, heroes, and dragons!

Get the KICKSTARTER edition of Taverns & Dragons, including:

🐲 Taverns & Dragons game – Kickstarter edition
👿 Sneaky Goblin expansion
🔥 Solo mode against the Pyromancer Druid
🗡️ Quest cards

A game for 2 to 5 tavern owners, ages 10 and up, 60 minutes.

Authors: Quentin Vernet, Marc Vernet
Illustrators: Baptiste Michard, Nastya Lehn

Catégories : , UGS : LRN02
Embrace the role of a tavern owner and strive to win the favor of the King in Taverns & Dragons! Prepare delectable dishes, recruit fearless heroes, and collect dragon trophies to prove your worth.
  • Engage in strategic gameplay through dice placement and worker movement mechanics, where every decision counts on your path to success.
  • Explore a vibrant and fantastical world, venturing into mystical locations, collecting magic ingredients, and embarking on thrilling dragon hunts.
  • Experience the game with a variety of modules, from the Sneaky Goblin to Quest cards, adding and exciting twists to your adventures.

Content: 154 cards, 1 gameboard, 5 tiles, 5 tavern boards, 15 minion meeples, 28 engraved dice, 14 galet gems, 10 standees, 7 dragon boards, 1 bag, 10 woodeen markers, 25 acrylic gems, 159 tokens, 2 rulebooks

Taverns & Dragons – Kickstarter Edition
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