Arrrr! There’s only one bottle of rum left in the whole archipelago! 

The Last Bottle of Rum is a treasure hunt board game for 2 to 5 pirates. Raise your anchor, explore uncharted waters, escape the Kraken’s tentacles… and be the first to trade your treasures for this last bottle!

Play as a fearless Captain in a wild Caribbean treasure hunt.

Choose Von Croakington and you may re-roll one of your dice, or play Krabby Jones to resist damage! Use your game-changing ability to overcome dangers and obstacles.

Learn how to play this card-driven board game… because even scurvy pirates have rules!

Discover an accessible, fun and immersive « Pick up & Deliver » game, whose outcome will be played with combos and cannonballs!
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Check the rulebooks… because even pirates do have rules! Available in English, French, Spanish or German.
Got a question about a card, a treasure or a rule? Check our FAQ!
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